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Hasan Balcı (1934 - 2010)


Hasan Balcı was born in 1934 Kahramanmaras. After his secondary school education, he started selling oil and wool with his father and brothers, then engaged in farming activities, thus laying the foundations of his first commercial activities.

Besides his business life, he also engaged in social activities. As a licensed wrestler in 1960, he became interested professionally in the sport of wrestling.

He was president of Kahramanyurt (Idmanyurdu) football team in 1962.

Between 1964 and 1966, he was a member of the Kahramanmaras Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and between 1965 and 1966 he was the Vice President of the Kahramanmaras Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He founded the Balcılar Ginning Factory with his brother in 1969 and the Edem Oil Factory with his partners in 1970. In 1972, together with his partners, he laid the foundations of Marteks, the first private textile factory in Kahramanmaras.

Between 1975-1979 he was the chairman of Kahramanmaras Commodity Exchange Assembly.

In 1980, he founded the Marmis Company with partners.

Hasan Balcı passed away on October 30, 2010.

The deceased Hasan Balcı has 5 children and 14 grandchildren.

He pioneered the establishment of  textile factories in Kahramanmaras.


He has made great efforts to make Kahramanmaras one of the leading textile production centers of our country.

Hasan Balcı Kitap.png

In this book in 2011, Melih Arat tells the life story of Hasan Balcı, which will guide not only new entrepreneurs but also everyone in various positions in business life, by referring to close testimonies.

HACI BALCI Kitap.jpg

In this book written in 2011, HB Balcı compiled stories from his father, Hasan Balcı, that took place in these lands.

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