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MARTEKS MARAŞ TEKSTİL SANAYİ A.Ş. We respect the privacy of your personal data and show sensitivity to your data security.
With this awareness, we attach importance to the processing, safe use and preservation of all kinds of personal data of MARTEKS 3rd parties in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (6698 KVKK).

MARTEKS MARAS TEXTILE SANAYİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ This text has been prepared in order to inform and enlighten you about our practices of collecting, processing, transferring, safe storage and disposal of personal data within the scope of 6698 KVKK and other relevant legislation as “Data Supervisor”.






Our customers, employees, potential customers, employee candidates, visitors, suppliers, business partners, and other third parties;

We would like to enlighten in the capacity of KVKK Data Supervisor that it is collected, processed, transferred, securely preserved and destroyed within the framework of the relevant legislation, especially the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.


Collection of Your Personal Data, Purpose of Processing and Legal Reason

Your personal data, verbally, in writing or electronically, through automatic or non-automatic methods, our Company's units, processes, social media channels, real or legal persons with whom our Company cooperates or authorized, and similar means / means without compromising our quality, contact forms and records, request information. forms, social networks, our publications,

It will be collected and processed through tools such as various contracts, mobile applications, electronic mail, application forms for the purpose and scope defined below;


Your personal data in accordance with Articles 4, 5 and 6 of 6698 KVKK;

  • As stipulated by the law and honesty rule,

  • In connection with the purposes of processing, in a limited and measured manner,

  • Correctly and up to date,

  • For specific, explicit and legitimate purposes

  • They will be processed for the period stipulated in the relevant legislation or required for the purpose for which they are processed.


  • Within the scope of the services you receive, meeting your expectations and demands of the Customer, Supplier, Employee candidate and all related 3rd party expectations, understanding your requests and needs by getting to know you better, and responding to your demands and needs faster,

  • Supporting your service and payment preferences associated with you,

  • Improving and diversifying our services and communication, contacting you if you request information,

  • Planning and execution of our press release processes, announcement of our activities,

  • Planning and execution of corporate communication activities,

  • Carrying out the necessary work / processes by our business units that can help us offer offers,

  • Meeting your purchase requests, determining and approving contract terms,

  • Planning and executing finance, accounting and logistics activities,

  • Execution of legal transactions,

  • Planning, supervision and execution of Management Systems processes, establishment and management of information technology infrastructure,

  • When you visit our company, ensuring safe passage from the parking lot, entrance and exit areas,

  • Communicating with us through our website, announcing our processes and activities,

  • Planning and executing the activities of our services within the scope of sales and marketing processes,

  • Planning and conducting activities and meetings to please you during your stay in our company,

  • Ensuring the necessary quality monitoring of our services, creating quality records and evidences,

  • Keeping process records within the scope of Management Systems, OSOFT, MiCRO, NETSIM, PDKS and other related software,

  • Meeting the requirements of 5651 Log Law within the scope of the use of our guest internet network, usage information and durations in the log in and out of the internet service,

  • Evaluating the Employee Candidate Application process, obtaining information from your references,

  • Making an assessment in case you make a job application within the scope of ensuring the execution of the human resources policies of our company,

  • Announcements of our fair, event, sponsorship, launching and other promotional organizations, and sharing them for promotional and advertising purposes after the events,

  • Meeting the demands and expectations based on the regulations notified by our customers, business partners and all relevant official institutions,

  • Movement traces of the activities carried out during the period you are active in the system within the scope of System Security of the company,

  • Planning, realizing and recording the trainings held with our 3rd parties within the scope of the Academy,

  • Your personal data under the contract to determine the terms of service purchased,

  • Your camera images in common areas and critical areas for security reasons,

  • Your requested service and expectation information,

  • Your history about your official transactions,

  • Your automatically collected cookie information, (You can review our Cookie Policy on our websites.)

are collected, processed and recorded in our systems, and maintained securely for the above purposes.


Below are our websites, social media accounts and press organs, on which we provide services and collect your data within the scope of our processes.

Our Website, Our Social Media Accounts, Our Press Organs:

Care is taken to ensure that your personal data that you have shared in other Press Organs or that is collected, processed and shared by us is sufficient to meet your needs and demands.


Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your personal data can be shared with our Group companies within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes, in accordance with the KVKK numbered 6698 and other applicable legislation, but not limited to the above; our customers, suppliers, business contacts,

In line with the purpose of the service we provide with our stakeholders, performance assistants and subcontractors, or in cases stipulated by the legislation regarding regulatory supervisory institutions and official authorities, they may be transferred domestically or abroad for the performance of our business.


Safe Storage and Deletion of Personal Data

Our company stores the personal data it processes within the legal periods specified in the legislation, company procedures and policies.

In case the period is not specified in the legislation; Personal data is kept for the period that requires processing in accordance with the practices of our Company and the traditions of our business life, depending on the services provided by our company while processing that data, and after this period, only for the legal periods that are required in practice in order to provide evidence in possible legal disputes. After the expiry of the specified periods, the personal data in question are deleted, destroyed or anonymized by the non-recoverable methods defined in the company procedures and policies.


Your Rights as Personal Data Owner

Within the framework of Article 11 of 6698 KVKK,

  • Learning whether your personal data is processed,

  • If your personal data has been processed, to request information regarding this,

  • Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purpose,

  • To know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom your personal data has been transferred,

  • To request correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,

  • Requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the KVKK legislation,

  • When you request the correction of missing or incorrect data and the deletion or destruction of your personal data, to request that this situation be notified to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,

  • To object to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,

  • If you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of personal data, requesting that this damage be compensated,

you have the rights.


To use your rights stated above;

- Your written request with the necessary information about your identity and your explanations about the right you want to use;


Karacasu Karaz Ziyaret Mah. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Cad. No: 4 / 1A Dulkadiroğlu / Kahramanmaraş address in person

or with the person you appointed as a notarized proxy, with wet signature of the "KVKK Application Form" or your personal cap address to our e-mail address,


MARTEKS MARAS TEXTILE Previously notified to SANAYİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ and the data controller

You can send by using your e-mail addresses registered in the system.

Applications must be made in Turkish or English.

For detailed information about the application, you can reach or call +90 344 251 37 37, if you need, you can request the "KVKK Application Form".

In the application that includes your explanations regarding the right you have as a personal data owner and that you will make to exercise your rights stated above and that you request to use;

  • The subject / subject you request is clear and understandable,

  • In case of written application, the wet signed consent of the personal data owner,

  • The subject you request is related to you,

  • If you are acting on behalf of someone else, you should be specially authorized in this regard and document your authority,

  • Including identification and address information of the application (residence or workplace address for notification, e-mail address for notification, if any, telephone or fax number)

  • Reference documents substantiating your identity (ID number for the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, nationality for foreigners, passport number / ID number, etc.) must be present.

Depending on the nature of your request, your applications will be finalized as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest.

In the event that there is an additional cost within the framework of Article 13 of the Law, the Company reserves the right to charge you a fee according to the tariff to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

In accordance with Article 28/2 of 6698 KVKK; In the following cases, personal data owners cannot claim their other rights as stated above, except for the right to demand compensation:

  • Processing of personal data is necessary for the prevention of crime or for a criminal investigation.

  • Processing personal data made public by the personal data owner himself.

  • Processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of supervision or regulation duties and disciplinary investigation or prosecution by authorized and authorized public institutions and organizations and professional organizations that have the quality of public institutions, based on the authority granted by the law.

  • Processing of personal data is necessary for the protection of the economic and financial interests of the State regarding budget, tax and financial issues.


Pursuant to 6698 KVKK, Situations where MARTEKS May Process Your Personal Data Without Your Explicit Consent;


Pursuant to Article 5 of the 6698 KVKK, MARTEKS may process your personal data, which it has received in accordance with the above and in accordance with the law, without seeking your express consent:

✓ In cases clearly stipulated in the laws,

✓ If you are unable to disclose your consent as a data owner due to the actual impossibility, or if your consent is not legally valid, it is necessary to process your personal data in order to protect yourself or someone else's life or body integrity,

It is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties of the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of a contract you have concluded with MARTEKS and its related companies, other real and / or legal persons,

It is mandatory for MARTEKS to fulfill a legal obligation,

✓ Your personal data is made public by you,

✓ When data processing is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right,

✓ It is compulsory to process data for the legitimate interests of MARTEKS , provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms.

In the processes within the scope of the Clarification Text for the Protection and Processing of this Personal Data, the relevant legal regulations in force regarding the processing and protection of personal data will be applied with priority.

In case of inconsistency between the current legislation and the Clarification Text, the Data Officer agrees that the applicable legislation will find its application.

The Clarification Text entered into force on 30/08/2020. Within the scope of the renewal of the Enlightenment Text or certain articles, the effective date of the KVKK will be updated and announced again.

The Clarification Text is published on the website "" and made available to personal data owners. In order to comply with the changing conditions and legislation, changes and updates may be made to the Information Text and it will be presented to personal data owners via the relevant website.



Address: Organized Industrial Zone 5. Street No: 133/1 Onikişubat / Kahramanmaraş

Phone / Fax: +90 344 251 37 37


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