Organizational Culture

From tradition to future


Marteks that had been established as the first private textile factory of Kahramanmaras in 1972 managed to be one of the leading companies of the Turkish textile sector within the 40-years period.



Trust and quality

Marteks whose name is identified with trust and quality in both domestic and international markets has also been waving the second-generation service flag higher and higher and has been strengthening the innovative and modern culture with reputation and experience with a deep-rooted history .
Marteks has achieved to be one of the most respectable manufacturers in the world with its high technology equipped operations in openend and ring spinning, high quality laboratory, a wide range of products and export-oriented marketing perception.
People - oriented success
In Marteks, success is measured with development. Each Marteks employee with team spirit serves the world within the framework of positive and analytical thinking. Social responsibility projects and high environmental sensitivity constitute the basis of sharing culture of Marteks.